SIREN aims to try and engage with members of all the United Kingdom’s emergency services in an effort to improve the way these vital services provide support to their staff who may be suffering with depression.

Members of the emergency services from despatch and control rooms to the boots on the ground are all highly prone to suffering with depressive illness and stress. The very personality characteristics which make a person an ideal candidate the job also makes them the perfect victim of depression.

At this moment in time there is very little internal support or awareness training for emergency service personnel, something which I became painfully aware of several months ago when I finally decided to seek help and support.

I want this to change and our battle starts here. I want to raise awareness of this illness nationally and openly encourage those in power and in control of our emergency services to recognise the need for immediate effective change.

SIREN will provide real life intimate accounts from those working in the 999 services suffering with depression and stress as well as contact and campaign for change. In the future I wish to develop a support group/service so that people can contact SIREN for support and help.

All contact with SIREN is treated with 100% discretion so if you would like to share your story then please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Remember, you do not have to suffer alone and things can get better.


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