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If you think you can help in any way at all or if you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, stories or have me host a blog then please email SIREN.


6 thoughts on “Contact Siren

  1. Dave Sparks says:

    Hiya, I am very impressed by your work to support those suffering from mental illness from within the emergency services. At this time I am working with the South Essex Partnership Trust in a project setting up a recovery college, whereby one of my aims is to promote awareness of mental illness within emergency services.
    I am forming a support group in conjunction with Therepy for You to support those with complex PTSD… It may be worth a chat at some point?
    Kindest regards

  2. Kate says:

    Just wanted to wish you well with Siren – have experienced depression and PTSD on more than one occasion but am proud to say I have recovered, and am still a serving police officer. I had some good experiences and some not so good. I feel I have learnt a lot and try to offer support to my colleagues who find themselves in similar situations. Any support is worthwhile. Good luck

  3. Dan Higgs says:

    Hi there.

    I look forward to following Siren and it’s updates as it progresses through the early stages.

    I was wandering though whether you do or will offer advice on legal matters where emergency personnel believe their employer has breached the Equality Act?



    • sirensupport says:

      Hi Dan. I personally do not have any experience in this area nor do any of the people assisting me at the moment. Is this not something respective Fed and Union reps would assist with? There is always the facility to send us questions along these lines for us to put the feelers out and try and obtain the advice though if required.

      Thanks for getting in touch and for your support.

  4. knobby5790 says:

    Please feel free to read and share my first blog touching on my personal demons.
    Good work by all here.

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